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Spring Show 2019 Information

In accordance to our venue rules, the Fell Pony Sociey, and British Equestrian Federation, we are taking the stance set out and announced by the Fell Pony Society with regarding Equine Flu. Please refer to the note below or for more information visit the FPS website.

By making this announcement now, we hope to allow enough time for vaccination courses to start and the specific time allowed after the 2nd vaccination has been administered for competing.

At the Spring Show we will be asking for passports before competitior numbers are issued to ensure all ponies meet the vacination rules. We are sure that everyone is concerned about the presence of this virus, especially as there are outbreaks within our MWSG area, although these have been contained.

We look forward to your support at the Show

Throughout the current equine flu outbreak, the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) has continued to urge equine owners to ensure that their vaccination records are up to date.

The BEF has also strongly recommended that all competition and event organisers check the equine ID passports of all horses to ensure that they comply with vaccination rules.

This is based on advice from experts in equine influenza and epidemiology with experience of managing previous outbreaks.

The BEF reminds organisers that, during the current outbreak, it is vital that unvaccinated horses do not mix with other horses because of the increased risk of such an infectious disease spreading. It is important that organisers and owners recognise that equine welfare is a priority and take steps to prevent the further spread of equine flu.

There is more guidance available on the BEF website

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